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Carpe Diem

Arts, gastronomy, visits ... The suggestion box

Journée Brionnais

A day in the Brionnais

suggested route

• Anzy le Duc

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

• Charlieu

Lunch break

Restaurant Cotte & Saveurs

4 Place de la Bouverie 42190 Charlieu

Phone: 04 77 69 08 42

Benedictine Abbey of Charlieu

Convent of the Cordeliers de Charlieu

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

• Iguérande

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

• Semur en Brionnais

Ateliers d'Art

Art workshops

Activities enthusiastically recommended by Pré Malay during a stay for a group of 6 people or more (Contact them on behalf of Nathalie du Pré Malay):
Atelier d'Art Bourgogne

Art workshop

Chazelle 71460 Cormatin (2,5km from Pré Malay)

Phone: 06 80 85 87 75

Plan a day.

Painting or drawing workshop, led by Patrick Balleriaud, painter and portrait painter, in magnificent natural settings, in the countryside, around Cormatin.

Workshop of the Treille

71460 Lys (7 km from Pré Malay)
Thierry Goury, master in the field, will introduce you to the art of foundry.
Phone: 03 85 50 75 79
Workshops over 2 days of 6 hours:
Earth modeling,
Bronzier apprentice
Bronze sand casting

Atelier d'art Bourgogne 71

Restaurants in the region recommended by Le Pré Malay

L'Ô des vignes in Fuissé (38km)

1 MICHELIN star, cuisine of great finesse.

The Hostellerie d'Héloïse in Cluny (15km)

Bib Gourmand MICHELIN
La Thébaïde in Blanot (15km)
La Gladdie 71460 in Collonge-en-Charolais (22km)
Specialties: Frogs and Entrecote
03 85 79 80 91

Lazzarella-Pont de Cotte (13km)

Route de Cluny

Franco Italien restaurant 09 83 42 25 42


La Fleur de Lys in Cormatin (2.5km) Facing the castle

Traditional cuisine 03 85 50 10 94

La Terrasse in Cormatin (2,5km) Facing the chateau

Traditional cuisine 03 85 50 70 50

Chez l'oncle Jules in Cormatin (2,5km)

Traditional cuisine 03 85 38 21 55

Le Saint Martin in Chapaize (6km)
La Table de Chapaize in Chapaize (6km)

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